Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is set in England and various places throughout Eastern Europe. Sexual identity among the primary characters is a main concept in this traditional horror tale. It is the courage of one of the main characters that assists beat the cunning, powerful, and

Lucy Westenra is victimized by Count Dracula according to her obvious attractiveness. Nevertheless the blond beauty is also fragile, susceptible, and helpless. In the eyes of Dracula she represents the ideal bride-to-be whilst in the eyes of Romantic Period culture, Lucy represents a symbol in the traditional romantic heroine. Her elegance assists her well, since it permits her to select from a sizable cache of eligible guys.

Lucy confesses in a notice to her buddy Mina Murray that on one provided day she has broken the hearts of two of three boys who proposed marriage to her. She decides in favour of the illustrious Arthur Holmwood. Her acceptance of any relationship proposal from Arthur is clearly related to his high interpersonal station, the approval of her mother, and even more importantly, his wealth. “Although he loves me, he has not explained so in words,” (69) writes Lucy, indicating that a man of Arthur’s ilk has options if refused by her. Lucy understands she actually is sexually desirable, although not flirtatious; she feels empathy for the two men she transforms out.

Mrs. Westenra, Lucy’s mom, is pleased with Lucy’s decision to marry Lord Arthur, just like any mom will be delighted in understanding that her grandkids will be bred in a great, dignified, aristocratic environment. But Mrs. Westenra only hurts her daughter’s cause by taking out the garlic clove flowers from about Lucy’s neck, allowing Dracula to feast in her life giving bloodstream. Dracula is energized and revitalized using the younger and precious nutrition.

Mina Murray is additionally victimized by Dracula, but for completely different factors. Mina is apparently an item of Dracula’s attraction as revenge to be hunted by her husband and friends. Mina will not be sexually alluring, but she actually is seductive in an intellectual way, as she actually is critical in hunting down the monster vampire along with her utilization of hypnosis.

This “New Woman” is independent, ingenious and has different skills that allow her gainful employment being a college mistress. Mina believes in the organization of marriage and readies on her behalf union with Jonathan Harker by understanding typing, shorthand, and maintaining precise publications and diaries. She performs this simply because she would like to become useful to him in the occupation as lawyer. She functions as his partner in business and also a companion in marriage. As proof of her identity, Mina within an unselfish take action marries Jonathan because he lays on a sick bed stricken with “brain a fever.” Lucy and Mina are buddies. They value the other person and share good principles, but that is certainly where reviews appear to end. There are more differences than similarities in between the two. Lucy has conventional intimate attitudes and suits an older fashioned mildew of what guys think ladies are meant to be. But her fragile beauty betrays her as she drops victim for the stalking Dracula.

Mina is definitely the opposite of Lucy in her sexual identification. Mina is non conventional and unusual, in their capability to assistance themselves culturally and financially. She desires to be considered equivalent in status with the guys around her, and she does this successfully. Men accept Mina, they trust her and count on her to help damage their mutual foe Dracula. Dracula’s yfxtxb of Lucy and Mina concludes with mixed results for the villain. He is successful in draining the life from Lucy and enlisting her into his group of undead. Mina, on the other hand, is spared an unthinkable loss of life and an similarly unthinkable afterlife. She is the victor within this important conquest of great over evil. Ultimately, Mina helps save world from an epidemic which has the potential of spreading towards the four corners from the earth, damaging the existence of mankind.

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