If you’ve ever been on a desperate search for an available rest room, renting portable toilets is already at the top of the event planning logistics list. Before you start contacting portable toilet rental companies, you ought to identify the special needs you will must address.

How many portable toilets will you need to rent? This can depend on the duration of your event and the number of participants anticipated. You don’t want long lines if you want your friends and relatives to stay. Ask each portable restroom rental company that you means for their suggestion, and average your need through the answers. While you want to keep the participants comfortable, an effective event has to be cost effective.

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Ensure your portable toilets are well ventilated and deodorized. No explanation needed requirement.

That will neat and restock the portable toilet rental? For those who have your very own individuals who will check on the portable toilets, replacing toilet tissue and hand sanitizer on a regular basis, you can make use of this to negotiate the price of maintenance. How frequently are you going to need the rented toiled cleaned, and at what level? Are they going to pump, pressure wash, wipe down and sanitize? How quickly are they going to respond to an unexpected emergency? If somebody decides they will block the maintenance access point because it’s an easy parking space, will your event coordinator be notified, or will they just move on the next scheduled stop?

Are definitely the portable toilets handicap accessible? Access the necessity of your event attendees with disabilities. What portion of your rental units will require special provisions? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that no less than one unit, but a minimum of 5% of facilities at public events be wheelchair accessible.

Do the local ordinances require hand washing stations or other specific provisions for your event? Have you thought about should you provide food?

How big of an area will your event encompass? If it is a wide spread event, you’ll want to locate your facilities at reasonably convenient locations. When planning your event map, identify areas for placement of your portable toilet rental based on pickup/delivery and maintenance accessibility, lighting, and safety.

Would your event benefit with a luxury restroom trailer? Could it be worth the money to supply this amenity for your VIP attendees? Ask about the availability and cost with each contractor you approach for a quote.

Given that you’ve identified your requirements, you have to look for the most effective supplier. If you’re using the web, bear in mind that portable restroom rental suppliers may use many different keywords on the websites. Search for porta-potties, portable sanitation item rental, portable toilet, portable toilet rentals, renting portable restrooms and narrow pbkxfe search by typing inside your city or state.

If you’re using your local company directory, contact construction companies, rental companies and native sponsors of recent events to identify rental sources.

If you’ve planned properly and found the right portable restroom rental company, you can turn your attention to other event activities, positive that your waste management needs are enhancing the enjoyment and comfort of the guests.

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